A letter from Rick Betenbough

2021 was a great year for Betenbough Companies!

We celebrated new marriages and babies, anniversaries, birthdays, and successes. We ate together, traveled together, laughed together, and cried together. We opened a new bakery and café, started a distribution company, added turf to our farm, shared Kingdom stories, hosted events at The Willows, and experienced record sales and closings at Betenbough Homes and Impact Title— Whew! So much activity.

These are all things we DID, and they were good things. But, this report is not about that. Instead, this report celebrates the IMPACT from those activities, the fruit from all the things we did.

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A letter from Rick

A look back at our stories throughout the year ↓

Transformed by a Kingdom Culture

Justin Aguilar discovers his faith in God after his team leader sets an example that he couldn’t ignore.

The Gift of Coming Home

Esteban Barrientos realizes the benefit of work-life balance after leaving the oilfield to work with Betenbough Homes.

A Double Portion

The Lord continues to use Betenbough Companies in Meghan and Kyle Johnson’s journey to build the family they always dreamed of.

Purpose Over Paycheck

After leaving Betenbough Homes for an amazing opportunity, Mitch James returns for the value of our people-first culture.

Missionaries in the Marketplace

A Kingdom Leadership Workshop left the owners of Hub City Vet with an impact that would change their business forever.

Leaning into LIFE

Connar Turner relives how God used her to help lead the charge for Lubbock to become a sanctuary city for the unborn.

When Surrender Takes Root

With the help of his support system at Betenbough Homes, Caleb Allen learns how to open his heart and share his story.

Saying Yes to the Journey

Marcie Truby is welcomed on a new journey with Betenbough, in spirituality and leadership.

Breaking Down Walls

Looking for a new start, Lindsey Stahl reconnects with an old friend who helped her find just that.

Beauty in the Process

Kaitlyn Tomblin finds beauty in listening to God in her personal and professional life.

Regaining Perspective

Through accountability and grace, Jeremy Wauer discovers the beauty of growth at Alcove Farms.

Forged by Fire

In May 2021, Betenbough Companies experienced a cyberattack by Russian hackers.

Reclaiming Trust In Leadership

After experiencing the abuse of leadership, Journee Cotton finds trust and relationship within Betenbough.

Rebuilding Purpose

Kris Smith unexpectedly finds freedom in his God-given creativity through his role at the Home Office.